Statement of Lt. Gov. Howie Morales, June 18, 2020

“I strongly applaud the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision today to protect over 650,000 DREAMers in this country from deportation by President Trump.  Along with millions of Americans, I am grateful for this morally and legally correct ruling.  DREAMers are safe for now.  Trump sought to throw out the DACA program created under President Obama, which allows noncitizens brought to this country illegally as children to apply for protection from deportation.  Today the Court said No.  Trump can still try to eliminate DACA protections in the future, so the battle is not over.  We must remain vigilant and engaged.  It will be a long fight against the brutal, racist policies from this President.  Congratulations today to all the advocates across New Mexico and the country who have carried this fight for human rights and for DREAMers.”