April 15, 2020

“Yesterday, the New Mexico Supreme Court decided that vote-by-mail is not permitted by our state Constitution.  In light of this decision, I strongly urge all citizens to vote absentee, and poll workers to take extreme care to protect themselves with personal protective equipment (PPE) during the June Primary election. 

“As a former Grant County Clerk who hired numerous Election Day poll workers, it troubles me that in-person voting in the upcoming primary could cause some poll workers to become infected with COVID-19.  I also worry that voters who fail to vote absentee may be deciding whether to risk their health in order to exercise their fundamental right to vote.  I don’t believe that anyone ever should be compelled to make that choice – that is why I support vote-by-mail.

“I am encouraged that as a result of this court case, absentee ballot applications now will be mailed to every voter registered with a major political party in New Mexico.  I strongly urge everyone to vote absentee this year, and to update their voter registration information for accuracy in advance, if needed.”