(Santa Fe, NM) – “Tom Udall has been a champion for our nation’s clean air, water and public lands, and we are extremely grateful for his years of leadership and outstanding service.  No one has fought harder and more effectively for a national renewable electricity standard to jump start the nation’s alternative energy economy.  That is a fight not just for the people of our state and our country, but for the world.  New Mexicans and all Americans owe Senator Udall a deep debt of gratitude for his outspoken leadership for action to halt global warming through greater use of alternative sources of fuel.  Tom Udall has fought the difficult battles to improve Americans’ access to health care, has been one of the few voices in Washington for sanity in our nation’s foreign relations, and has worked hard for our active- duty service men and women, and for better health, benefits and respect of our veterans and their families.  

“As a state senator from Grant County, it was my honor to work with Senator Udall on issues affecting New Mexico’s public lands, water and the environment.  His career in the U.S. Senate and Congress gives us the gift of a legacy of deep commitment to protecting the natural beauty of New Mexico’s wide-open spaces.  In the often rough and tumble world of our current national politics, Senator Udall stands out as a genuinely thoughtful leader and true gentleman.  He sets the standard for public service to country and to the people of our state,” said Lt. Governor Morales.